Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The general expectation for order turnaround time is three to seven business days (3 – 7 business days) after your order is placed. This time frame does not include transit time to your shipping address. Additional travel time for your order can be estimated using the following map.

Estimated Transit Time Map

Estimated transit time map for UPS Ground shipping from 36607

Production time is extremely dependent upon the products ordered. Some products can be printed the same day your order is placed, while others might require dedicated time to be scheduled in a production queue.

Partnership arrangements between Fishing Chaos and Calagaz Printing might also impact when, where, and how materials are produced and distributed. Some orders might take fourteen (14) business days or longer to be produced.

Because this PrintTailor store is a partnership between Fishing Chaos and Calagaz Printing, there are lots of resources should you need help. Use the Contact Support page to find all the ways you can get in touch and get your questions answered.